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square14_silver.gif Water Treatment System

We have various technologies concerned water treatment from foundation technologies such as filtering, sedimentation, and adsorption to high technologies such as highspeed floc sedimentation and highspeed automatic filtering


square03_gray.gif Highspeed Floc Sedimentation Clarifier
   Chemical mixing, flocculation and sedimentation coincides in a tank.

square03_gray.gif Structure and Principle
   1. After water and chemicals flow into the chemical reaction chamber(1'st agitating
       chamber), SS(Suspended Solids) in the water reacted with the chemical make the       formation of floc.
   2. The floc is circulated from the 1'st agitating chamber to the department chamber
       repetedly and made larger and larger.
   3. The purified water in the clarifier chamber is discharged continuously.
   4. When the deposited in the concentrator is thicker and thicker, the sludge removal
       system is operated

square03_gray.gif The excellence of our facility
    1. easy operation
    2. easy chemicals input
    3. the uniformity of sludge
    4. low operating & maintenance cost




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