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square14_silver.gif Night Soil & Livestock Wastewater Treatment System

We are doing our best to develop the advanced technology such as nitrogen & phosphorous removal technology and to search more efficient and economical system.

square03_gray.gif Treatment Method
   1. Activated Sludge Process
   2. Chemical Process
   3. Chemical + Activated Sludge Process
   4. Extended Aeration Process
   5. Activated Sludge + Lagoon Process



square14_silver.gif Ozone Systems for Wastewater Treatment

for BOD & COD Removal, Decolorization, And Deodorization.

a high efficient Disinfectant

No residue, No harm for human healt



square14_silver.gif Pure Water Treatment System

So as to supply enough of useful water, we are supplying the most adaptable facility by the combination of various and advanced technologies.

square03_gray.gif Treatment Method
   1. Physical Treatment : filtering,       sedimentation, adsorption etc.
   2. Chemical Treatment : coagulation,       softening etc.
   3. Advanced Treatment : distillation,       reverse osmosis, ionic exchange etc.




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